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Pat the Bunny Deluxe Edition (Pat the Bunny) (Touch-and-Feel)

Pat the Bunny Deluxe Edition (Pat the Bunny) (Touch-and-Feel)

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Pat the Bunny Deluxe Edition (Pat the Bunny) (Touch-and-Feel) Short Description

This deluxe, oversized edition of the evergreen classic touch-and-feel book, pat the bunny, features two exclusive spreads not included in the original. It makes the perfect gift for every baby!"Judy can pat the bunny. Now YOU pat the bunny." Sound familiar? Pat the Bunny is a part of childhood, as soothing as cocoa and animal crackers. Dorothy Kunhardt's interactive book for babies and toddlers was one of the first of its kind when it was published in 1940, and it has since sold over six million copies. We pat the soft fur of the bunny, play peek-a-boo, look in the mirror, and then do it all over again. (And again and again and again.) After you Pat the Bunny with your baby, why not Pat the Cat and Pat the Dog? These two sequels were written by Edith Kunhardt, the daughter of the author of the original book. Both use the same tried-and-true Pat the Bunny format: sturdy cardboard pages with eight activities that wee ones can explore, from sniffing some brownies, to squeaking a teddy bear, to unfastening Grandma's tennis shoe. The simple line drawings and pastel colors don't do much for adults, but somehow they are just right for babies. This boxed set is a fine choice for a baby gift or first birthday present, and a lifesaver on a long car trip. (Baby to preschool) --Marcie Bovetz

Pat the Bunny Deluxe Edition (Pat the Bunny) (Touch-and-Feel) Key Features

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